About the Leadership Institute

Leadership Institute

The objective of the Leadership Institute is to provide first-hand leadership experiences to our students through extra-curricular activities. The Leadership Institute provides opportunities for our students to experience decision-making, prioritization, negotiation, delegation, and other leadership skills. Currently The Leadership Institute focuses on three areas, the Student Leadership Council, The Durham Ambassadors, and The Durham Post.

The Student Leadership Council is comprised of representatives from several Durham School student organizations. These students represent each program within the school and provide a voice in the decision making process of the school. Members of the Student Leadership Council work under the guidance of the school director to provide feedback and ideas to enhance the student experience. They also assist in the coordination of student activities as well as the development of interdisciplinary and cross-campus initiatives.

Members of the Ambassadors work under the guidance of Rosemary Edzie, Assistant Director of Operations. They are dedicated to the outreach of engineering education to students in grades 6-12. Ambassadors visit local and regional high schools to deliver interactive presentations showcasing career opportunities in Architectural Engineering, Construction Engineering, and Construction Management. To learn more about our Ambassadors, visit the Durham Ambassador page.

The Durham Post is a collection of short stories, videos, Tweets, and pictures submitted by Durham School students to highlight what it means to be a student of the school. Under the guidance of Brett Meyer, Multi-Media Specialist, students write about course projects, field trips, internships, conferences, international travels, student competitions, and even daily experiences, such as Husker football games and campus life. To access these stories, visit The Durham Post page.

Leadership in Action