About Rebuilding Haiti

In 2010 Haiti experienced a 7.0 magnitude earthquake with devastating consequences affecting the lives of most residents even today. Thousands of people died, while more than a million were left homeless. In response to this natural disaster, the international community invested a significant amount of resources designated to helping Haiti heal and rebuild. Unfortunately, the needs far outpace the assistance provided.

As responsible and global member of the academic community, the Durham School can and should help in the rebuilding process. We are in a fortunate situation where we possess special talents and resources that can make an impact in the lives of many Haitians. It is our responsibility to ensure that, as expressed by Gary Edson (CEO of the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund), Haiti not just survives but thrives.

One of the lead faculty members working on this initiative is Dr. Jim Goedert. You can learn more about Jim's passion for helping Haiti rebuild by reading a personal article found in the April 2012 edition of the Nebraska Society for Professional Engineers. Click here to read the story.

Inaugural Project: Flower of Hope Elementary School

The old school building in Haiti. The new school building in Haiti.

Through our Rebuilding Haiti initiative, the Durham School is designing, building, and supporting a new elementary school in Haiti. The School is actively engaging our students, faculty, and staff in this project. Faculty traveled to Haiti to understand the local capabilities and limitations, in order to build a school that fits the current circumstances. After data collection was completed and area partnerships formed, faculty returned to The Durham School with their fact findings and engaged students in competitions to design the perfect school that fits the Haitian landscape. The conceptual design of the Haitian school was selected by a panel of judges. This project involves both our architectural engineering and construction students and has proven to be an invaluable project-based teaching tool in a variety of courses.

Our partners on this project are:

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Progress to Date:

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