Construction Banquet

The Construction Programs Banquet brings together Durham School students and faculty with industry professionals from across the nation. This banquet is a celebration of student, faculty, and industry achievement, and Durham School alumni reunite to share their experiences of post-graduate pursuits. This event gives current students an invaluable network of business connections and advice as students sit side-by-side with construction professionals to enjoy an evening of engaging activities, dinner, presentations, and awards.

2013 Award Winners

Ralph Van Vliet

Hall of Fame Award - Lincoln

Rick Blackledge

Hall of Fame Award - Omaha

Tim Wentz

Outstanding Educator Award - Lincoln

Yong Cho

Outstanding Educator Award - Omaha

Terry Stentz

Outstanding Student Advocate - Lincoln

Stu Bernstein

Outstanding Student Advocate - Omaha

Taylor Shapland

Outstanding Senior - Lincoln

Amanda Zimmerman

Outstanding Senior - Omaha

Chao Wang

Outstanding Graduate Student - Lincoln

Endong Wong

Outstanding Graduate Student - Omaha