Student Checklists

Prospective and Admitted Student Checklists

Complete these steps before being admitted:

NOTE: you will apply at UNO, but will remain a student in the UNL College of Engineering.

  1. Schedule a campus visit online at to experience all the university has to offer.  Students may also schedule other campus appointments via this website.  To ONLY schedule an academic appointment with the College of Engineering, call 402-554-2531.

  2. Attend College of Engineering open houses, summer camps, and college fairs to meet with current faculty, staff, and students and get a firsthand experience of what being a student is all about! Keep an eye out in the mail for informational packets and fliers about upcoming events, or look online at

  3. Submit your application online at or to the UNO Admissions Office, Eppley Administration Bldg. (EAB), Rm. 103, 6001 Dodge St., Omaha, NE  68182, Ph. 402-554-2393.  You can track your admission progress online at

  4. Apply for scholarships from the University of Nebraska and The Peter Kiewit Institute.  For UNO scholarships, go to and fill out the application form.  This will qualify you for all applicable university scholarships.  As a an engineering student, you will be taking classes in PKI and therefore might be eligible for their scholarships. To apply for any PKI scholarships, go to

  5. Request official high school and college transcripts of ALL previously attended institutions.  These should be mailed directly to the UNO Admissions Office.  These must be received before admission can be finalized.  Submit ACT or SAT scores, which are required from all students with fewer than 12 earned semester credit hours of college level course work. If you are dual enrolled while in high school at any institution other than UNO, you need to request your transcripts be sent to UNO.  A transcript request form can be found at

  6. Receive your University Notification of Admission.  Be sure to note any special conditions or provisions relating to your admission.  If you do not receive a notification of admission, contact the Admissions Office at 402-554-2393.  (This notification is usually sent within two weeks of the university receiving your Admission application.)

Now that you are admitted...
  1. Register for Placement Exams through your Mavlink account at Your Math ACT score will count as your placement into your Math courses. If you have a Math ACT score of 25 or below, you must take the Calculus Readiness Exam. If you have received college credit for dual enrollment, AP tests, or other transfer credit, you may not need to take the placement tests at this time. If you have participated in ANY of these activities, you should speak with your academic adviser to see if it qualifies as a Placement Test Score. Additional information about testing is on the UNO Testing Center website: or call 402-554-4800.

General Guidelines For Placement Testing

Who should take the English Placement - Proficiency Exam (EPPE):

Regardless of major, all students entering the College of Engineering, including students transferring from another institution who do not receive transfer credit for ENGL 1160 (English Composition II), should take the EPPE.

Who should take the Chemistry Diagnostic Test (CDT):

All entering engineering majors (except computer and electronics majors) who do not have prior credit for a college level chemistry course should take the CDT.  In addition, any construction management major who intends to enroll in CHEM 1180 (General Chemistry I) but has not completed CHEM 1140 or its equivalent should take the CDT.

Who should take the Calculus Readiness Exam (CRE):

All entering engineering and construction management majors who do not automatically qualify (see Mathematics Placement Guide below) for enrollment in MATH 1950 (Calculus I) or a higher level math course, should take the CRE.  In addition, any technology major who does not automatically qualify for enrollment in MATH 1950 and who wish to enroll in MATH 1950 as their first course in mathematics should take the CRE.

Mathematics Placement Guide

Students with a “Math” sub-score on an ACT less than five years old will automatically qualify for enrollment in Math courses as follows:

Math ACT score of 26 or higher     MATH 1950 (Calculus I)
Math ACT score of 25                    MATH 1930 & MATH 1330 (needs only MATH 1330 to enroll in MATH 1950)
Math ACT score of 23-24              MATH 1320 & MATH 1330 (or MATH 1340)
Math ACT score of 19-22              MATH 1310

Note:   Students who have credit for college level math course work less than two years old should contact their academic adviser to determine which, if any, placement test (CRE and/or MPE) they will need to take. 

  1. Submit your immunization record to Student Health Services, HPER 1st Floor #102, 6001 Dodge Street, Omaha. Questions concerning medical record requirements should be directed to the Student Health Services at (402) 554-2374. Additional information, including a standard Medical Information Request form, can also be found online at

  2. If you have transfer credit or are taking dual-enrollment through any institution OTHER than UNO, you must have your transcript from the other institution sent to the UNO Admissions Office, 6001 Dodge St., Omaha, NE 68182-0286, (402-554-2393). The form to send to the other institution can be found at

  3. Summer and Fall Admits: Register for an Orientation session through your Mavlink account at Registration typically opens in March. There are two different orientation sessions. There is an eight-hour session for freshman students and a two-hour session for transfer students. If you are transferring in with 60 credits or more, orientation might not be mandatory. Please speak with your academic adviser if you are transferring in more than 60 credit hours. Additional information about Orientation can be found at or call 402-554-2677.

  4. Advising: All College of Engineering students are required to meet with their advisers prior to registering for classes. You must have gone through orientation, submitted your immunization record, and it is highly recommended you have your placement test scores, especially calculus, before your appointment.  If you’re not sure who your academic adviser is, contact the College’s Admissions & Advisement Office, 402-554-3276.

    When you attend your advisement session, please bring the following items:

       • Pencil or pen.
       • All placement exam results.
       • AP class information or dual-enrollment transcripts (if applicable).
       • Familiarize yourself with the curriculum (UNO catalog) and schedule of classes for your selected major (CENG,EENG, or ELEC).
       • Add your classes to the "Shopping Cart" in MAVLINK at
       • Pick up an Academic Advising Form in PKI Room 105E prior to meeting with your adviser.
       • Return the signed advisement form to Room PKI 105E directly after meeting with your adviser.

  5. Register for your classes online on MAVLINK at Classes are first come, first serve, so register during or immediately after your advising appointment.

  6. If you are enrolling for the fall semester, check out N.U.B.E. Camp and enjoy an overnight retreat that gives new engineering students a head start in their transition to college. For more information, visit http://
Call us at 402-554-3276 or come to The Peter Kiewit Institute, Room 105E, 1110 S. 67th Street in Omaha  || Brenda Painter, Admissions & Advisement Office
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