These policies are applicable to all students in the UNL College of Engineering.
  1. Student priority for entrance into classes for which demand exceeds available class space will be based on accumulative GPA. This priority will be applied at the end of early registration (when applicable).
  2. Students may repeat a maximum of three engineering courses. Students may take any one engineering course a maximum of two times.
  3. At least 30 of the last 36 credit hours needed for a degree must be registered for and completed at UNL or UNO while identified with the College of Engineering. This means that, practically speaking, the last year of a student’s work must be spent in residence. Credit earned during study abroad may be used toward degree requirements if students participate in prior approved programs and register through UNL (see “Study Abroad and Exchange Programs”).
  4. Pass/No Pass courses: Students in the College of Engineering must take ENGR 20, ENGR 30, and ENGR 400 with the grading option Pass/No Pass. In addition, students may take up to 12 credit hours of courses in the humanities and social sciences on a Pass/No Pass basis. Students in the College of Engineering may not take any other required courses or technical elective courses with the grading option of Pass/No Pass.
  5. Credits for “English for Foreign Students who are Non-native Speakers” at UNL and “English as a Second Language” at UNO are not applicable to degree programs in the College of Engineering.
  6. Six hours of English composition may be substituted for the written communications requirement in all degree programs.
  7. Students who enroll at UNL, UNO, or UNK under the academic year (Fall, Spring, Summer) of this bulletin must fulfill the requirements stated in this UNL bulletin or in any other UNL bulletin published while they are enrolled in the college, provided the bulletin is no more than 10 years old at the time of graduation. A student must, however, meet the graduation requirements from one bulletin only. A student may not choose a portion from one bulletin and the remainder from another bulletin.
Undergraduate Seminars

Sophomore engineering students are required to attend ENGR 20, Sophomore Engineering Seminar, a zero credit course. The Sophomore Engineering Seminar provides information on career planning, interviewing, resumé preparation and coop/internship opportunities. Transfer engineering students, including STEP students, are required to attend ENGR 30 Transfer Student Engineering Seminar, a 0 credit course. The Transfer Student Engineering Seminar focuses on transfer issues, adapting to UNL and the College of Engineering, and career development.

Design Requirement

All engineering majors require a minimum of 48 credit hours of engineering topics (engineering topics include subjects in the engineering sciences or engineering design). Engineering design is the process of devising a system, component or process to meet desired needs. Engineering design work may be done by individuals; however, team efforts are encouraged where appropriate. Engineering majors are provided an integrated engineering design experience throughout the curriculum. In addition, all engineering programs include a meaningful major design experience that builds upon the fundamental concepts of mathematics, basic sciences, humanities, social sciences, engineering topics, and communication skills.
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