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College of Engineering Purchase Request Form (.xls)
Use this form to order goods or services, regardless of vendor, internal or external to the university. Complete the form and email it to your Fiscal Service Representative. Your Fiscal Service Representative will ensure that the order is placed and that the cost is reflected in the related Cost Object. Your Fiscal Service Representative will process receiving forms and notify you of delivery.

UNL Travel Authorization (.xls) 
Use this form to request travel status. This form must be signed by your department chair PRIOR to the trip and provides documentation of official university business travel for audit and risk management purposes. When submitted to EAS, your Fiscal Service Representative will return to the traveler a College of Engineering Travel Envelope to use during the trip. When the trip is complete, simple insert receipts into the envelope and return it to your Fiscal Service Representative. The Fiscal Service Representative will complete the expense voucher and email it to you for your approval. Sign the voucher, give it to your Fiscal Service Representative and the process is complete.

COE International Travel Requirements - Reference Guide

University of Nebraska Independent Contractor Agreement Form 
Use this form when hiring a consultant. Complete the scope of work and compensation sections and send to the contractor for signature. Forward the signed original to your Fiscal Service Representative along with a completed Purchase Request. A Consultant must be eligible to work in the US and cannot be a UNL employee. Your Fiscal Service Representative can help you in the case of unusual circumstances.

College of Engineering-Request for Travel Funds Form
Use this form to request College travel funding to support faculty endeavors designed to enhance externally funded research activities. It is expected the faculty member and department will provide no less than 50% of the cost of travel. As outlined on the form, a written report must be returned to the Associate Dean for Research within ten days upon return. Please complete the form and forward it to the College of Engineering Research Administrative Technician or Research Coordinator in order to obtain College of Engineering signature and cost object.

College of Engineering-Journal Entry-Cost Transfer (.xlsm)   (.mp4 tutorial)
Use this form to move expenditures from one cost object to another. Sufficient documentation must be provided to justify the expense on the destination cost object. 

Human Resources

Hiring Form 
Faculty and Staff may use this form to request an offer letter and/or PAF to hire or rehire students, Graduate Assistants or Post-Doctoral Research Associates. This form is used to document hiring approval, salary, funding source and FTE. The supervisor should complete this form and submit to the department’s PAF/Administrative coordinator.

People Admin, Job Descriptions and Postings 
Requests to fill any position, new or existing, is handled through People Admin. Application that enables electronic entry, routing and approval to recruit and fill positions.

Salary Determination
Use to provide additional information sometimes required to determine appropriate salaries and wage rates.

Temporary Hire Form
You must use this form when hiring any position that does not require a formal search process.

College of Engineering Apportionment Agreement
Use this form to formally document the proportional break-out with regard to teaching, research, service, administration and extension for all College of Engineering faculty.

Grants and Contracts

Budget Templates/Forms
Current Budget and Budget Justification templates are located on the Office of Research Sponsored Programs--Forms and Templates page.

NUgrant Access
NUgrant is located at https://nugrant.unl.edu and utilizes the same username and password as your Blackboard account.

Faculty Offer Letters

Faculty Offer Letters

Specific offer letters from UNL must be used when extending employment opportunities to prospective college employees.  Please contact the College of Engineering Human Resources with questions.

Offers for the following positions require a formal search process. Justifications for exceptions to this requirement must be approved by the Office of Equity, Access and Diversity Programs. Regardless, a PeopleAdmin requisition must be completed as part of the recruiting and hiring process.

Sample letters may be downloaded from the UNL Office of Academic Affairs website.

Staff Offer Letters

Please refer to the UNL Human Resources website for offer letter templates. ( http://hr.unl.edu/forms ) 

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