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Hiring Form 
Faculty and Staff may use this form to request an offer letter and/or PAF to hire or rehire students, Graduate Assistants or Post-Doctoral Research Associates. This form is used to document hiring approval, salary, funding source and FTE. The supervisor should complete this form and submit to the department’s PAF/Administrative coordinator.

People Admin, Job Descriptions and Postings 
Requests to fill any position, new or existing, is handled through People Admin. Application that enables electronic entry, routing and approval to recruit and fill positions.

Salary Determination
Use to provide additional information sometimes required to determine appropriate salaries and wage rates.

Temporary Hire Form
You must use this form when hiring any position that does not require a formal search process.

UNL Handbook for the Employment of Non-Resident Aliens
The following handbook is meant to guide University of Nebraska ─ Lincoln (UNL) units regarding points to consider and processes involved when seeking to employ or host foreign nationals (also referred to as non-resident aliens).

Faculty Offer Letters

Faculty Offer Letters

Specific offer letters from UNL must be used when extending employment opportunities to prospective college employees.  Please contact the College of Engineering Human Resources with questions.

Offers for the following positions require a formal search process. Justifications for exceptions to this requirement must be approved by the Office of Equity, Access and Diversity Programs. Regardless, a PeopleAdmin requisition must be completed as part of the recruiting and hiring process.

Sample letters may be downloaded from the UNL Office of Academic Affairs website.

Staff Offer Letters

Please refer to the UNL Human Resources website for offer letter templates. ( http://hr.unl.edu/employment/toolbox/ )