Engineering Ambassador - What to Expect

What to expect…

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What to expect from an Engineering Ambassador School Visit:

We will send 2 or more Engineering Ambassadors to your school. We cover grades K-12 and tailor the presentation to the grade level. Ambassadors can visit a class or do a larger format presentation with Q&A (and no hands-on activity) for larger audiences or assemblies. They generally present a 10-15 minute TED style talk on an engineering topic (please see list of possible presentations – grade levels are merely guidelines, we may be able to tailor a presentation to your needs).

Presentations are usually followed by a related hands-on activity. Ideally, class sizes of 20-40 students work best for hands-on activities, although we have accommodated as many as 100 (with help from the school). We ask that you provide a computer that is connected to a projector, and internet access. We will do the rest. Time allotment: generally a class period per presentation, but we are flexible. There is no charge for our visits.

Presentation Topics and Descriptions