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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

2014 College Staff Awards for Exemplary Service and Support

The College Staff Award for Exemplary Service and Support is presented annually to up to 10 full-time office/service level or managerial/professional level staff members in the College of Engineering for exemplary service and support towards achieving the vision and mission of the college. The work of these honored staff members helps to propel Nebraska Engineering to become one of the nation’s leading engineering programs.

More specifically, these awards celebrate staff members who demonstrate achievement in any combination of the following areas:
  1. Outstanding performance, above and beyond normal work requirements
  2. Superior ability to lead change, people, teams, or projects
  3. Exemplary service to students, faculty, and/or staff within an academic unit or at the College level; and/or to the broader community or profession as representatives of the College
  4. Superior support of research within an academic unit or at the College level
  5. Superior support of teaching within an academic unit or at the College level
A selection committee appointed by the Dean and composed of College staff members makes the recommendation of the award recipients to the Dean, based on submitted application materials.

  • This award is open to all full-time College of Engineering staff members who have had an appointment in the College of Engineering over six months. 
  • An individual may be nominated by any faculty, staff, student or alumnus of the College of Engineering; self-nominations are accepted.
  • Nomination materials are to be submitted electronically through the on-line submission site, with uploaded documents in PDF format.  Please have all materials ready to submit at one time; forms may not be saved and added to at a later time.
  • All submitted data should be from the last three academic years only: (2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13).
  • A person may not be nominated again if she/he has received a College staff award in the last two years; consequently recipients receiving any College staff award in 2012 or later are ineligible for the 2014 award.  A list of past recipients may be found on the college website:
  • Each recipient of this award receives $1500.
  • DEADLINE for submitting the on-line nomination form:  Monday, March 10, 2014 at 5 PM.  Late nominations will not be accepted.