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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Expense Transfers

Effective May 9, 2011

The following procedure details the steps required to transfer expenditures from one cost object or general ledger account to another.

Expense transfers are the most heavily scrutinized of all general ledger data. Erroneous postings should be transferred within 90 days of the original post. More timely transfers may be necessary when the destination cost object is a Sponsored Project. All transferred costs must be adequately supported by a statement of how those costs benefit the purpose of the debit (destination) cost object.

GL Account Posting Form

Submit the transfer request with proper supporting documentation to EAS, keeping a copy for your files.

  1. Complete the GL Account Posting Form.
    a. Enter proper header. This will be a Journal Entry document. Mark the appropriate box on the form.
b. The debit (expense) will be the appropriate cost object where the cost should be posted.
c. Review the appropriateness of the GL account code. Change the GL code if the situation warrants.
d. The text information should be identical to the existing description information.
e. Enter proper footer information including your name and contact information.
  2. Support the Transfer
    a. Provide an explanation in the space provided on the form as to the reason for the cost transfer and how these costs relate to the purpose of the debit cost object.
b. Attach a detailed listing of the existing line item expense from SAP and highlight the entry.
  3. Obtain departmental signature from Responsible Person for the cost object.
  4. Route to EAS for college approval and entry.
  5. Review the entry and maintain departmental files.
    a. Allow three working days processing time.
b. Log on to SAP to obtain transaction number and verify the entry.
c. Contact the EAS entry person if there is an error or question about the entry.
d. Write transaction number in space provided on file copy form.