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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Obtaining College Commitment Funds

Effective May 9, 2011

The following procedure details the steps required to ensure that college funds are transferred to departments in order to cover expenses designated as being funded by college level resources.

Departments are supplied periodically updated listing of valid college commitments. A copy of this listing must accompany the transfer request, with the specific line item highlighted. All items will be expended to departmental costs objects. Budget or funds will be transferred to cover these expenses.

Budget Transfer Form for UNL Funding Sources.
Foundation Transfer Request for Foundation Funding Sources

Transfer documents are to be prepared at the time the expenses are originated. Therefore, these documents must accompany the PAF or Purchase Request that will initiate the expense. Submit the completed form to EAS keeping a copy for your files.

  1. Review the column headers on the College Temporary Commitment Listing to determine planned source of funding.
    a. If the source of funds is from the Foundation, prepare the Foundation Transfer Request.
      i. Complete the Departmental Contact section using your information.
ii. Use your department’s “27” WBS. In most instances, you will use the new department development cost object (27 11xx 0020) with the appropriate child.
iii. Leave the Fund Name and Fund Number information blank.
iv. Input the appropriate dates that encompass the entire term of the funding.
v. Provide a detailed description of the types of expenses the unds will cover.
        1. If this is funding is for personnel, scholarship, or fellowship, you must include the name of the employee or student.
2. Other expenses may be grouped on one line of detail. For example: Faculty travel, research and educational supplies…5,000.
      vi. Attach a copy of the College Commitment Report, with the specific line item highlighted.
vii. Forward to EAS for Fund information, signature and routing. viii. Foundation transfers may take up to 2 months. If funds have not been distributed by then, contact EAS.
    b. Prepare a Budget Transfer Form
      i. Fill in the correct Fiscal Year, date prepared, and your name and phone number as contact information.
ii. Funds must be of similar type. For example, F&A can only be transferred to other F&A cost objects.
iii. Complete only the bottom portion, “Increase Planned Expenditures/Decrease Planned Revenues:” portion using the following chart.
iv. Forward to EAS for sources information, signature, and routing
v. Budget Transfers will be entered within 2-3 working days. The Budget Office will release entries twice monthly. Contact EAS if transferred have not posted with by the end of the month.

Cost Object
Fund Type
Document Type
Cost Element Code
BT/BP Type
21 11xx 00xx State Budget Transfer * 521000 ** BT
21 11xx 4000 F&A Budget Transfer 521000 521000 na BT
22 11xx xxxx Revolving Budget Transfer 893411 893411 na JE
27 11xx xxxx xxx Gift Budget Transfer 893411 893411 na JE
27 11xx xxxx xxx Foundation Foundation Transfer na na na na
* Use appropriate GL for Personnel classification:
** Use employee position or pool position