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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Temporary Employment

Effective May 9, 2011

The following procedure details the steps required to offer positions to prospective employees when a formal search process is not required.

Every position within the College is to have a position description.  Position description shall be formatted in three sections (Temporary Employment Form):

  1. Justification: a brief paragraph that outlines the need for this position
2. Duties and Responsibilities: several bullet points with corresponding effort percentage that detail specific actions performed by this position
3. Required and Preferred Qualifications: a section that communicates the minimal accepted education and experience as well as those that the most attractive candidate would possess.

Every appointment, whether the culmination of a search or otherwise, must be conveyed via a letter of offer and a subsequent written acceptance. All letters of offer must be reviewed and approved by the College Human Resource Director before it can be forwarded to the prospective employee. To ensure that the minimum qualifications are met, a resume or curricula vitae must as well as a position description must accompany letters of offer during this routing.

Positions eligible for this process:
A-Line:  Post-Doctoral Research Associate, Lecturer/T/Senior, Visiting Faculty
B-Line:  Managerial/Professional Temporary Worker
C-Line:  Office/Service Temporary Worker

Appropriate Offer Letter 
Resume or Curricula Vitae
Temporary Employment Form

  1. Hiring Manager:
    • Coordinate with College HR Director to ensure that search or waiver process is not required
• Complete all sections of Temporary Employment Form
• Initiate position-appropriate Letter of Offer
• Secure candidate Resume or Curricula Vitae
• Route for Department Approval
  2. Department Approval:
    • Review all documentation to ensure departmental criteria are met
• Department Chair or approved multi-disciplinary Center Director, must sign the Offer Letter and the Temporary Employment Form
• Route for College Approval
  3. College Approval:
    • Review all documentation to ensure:
      1. Equitable salary or justification for variance
2. Minimum requirements are commensurate with position and are met by prospective employee
3. Visa implications are addressed
4. Appropriate Letter of Offer and language are used
5. Identified funding is adequate and allowable
    • Route through Vice-Chancellor if applicable
• Return signed Letter of Offer and approved Temporary Hire Form to department
  4. Department Hire:
    • Position offered to candidate
• PAF and a copy of the fully signed offer letter, as well as any additional applicable hiring paperwork sent for processing