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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Contract Authorization

Effective May 9, 2011

This procedure outlines the expectations of UNL as well as the College of Engineering related to the definition and authorization of contracts. 

The Chancellor has delegated all authority established in Executive Memorandum No. 14 to the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance. The Chancellor has further allowed the Vice Chancellor to delegate this authority to those administrative officers and professional staff as required to conduct the business affairs of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. As applied to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, such authority will be conveyed as delineated below. Those to whom signatory authority is delegated by this document may further delegate this authority only after receiving written approval from the Vice Chancellor for Business and Finance.

While it is the intent of this document to clearly designate the parties to whom such authority has been delegated, some qualifications are imposed at the end of this document which apply to all persons executing contracts on behalf of UNL for the Board of Regents of the University of Nebraska.


Type of Contract Upper Dollar Limit Authority to Sign
General Services, Supplies & commodities not specified elsewhere
Vice Chancellor, Business & Finance; Associate VC Business and Finance; Director, procurement Services.
Procurement of Construction Services for a Building, Structure, and Other Improvement to or Demolition of Real Property with a Total Project Cost of $2,000,000 or Less


Vice chancellor, Business & Finance
Employment Contracts and offer letters (all faculty, staff and graduate students. Undergraduate student workers not included)
No dollar limit

Senior VC, Academic Affairs
Dean, CoE

The College of Engineering requires all contracts to be approved by the Dean of the college.