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Engineering: Faculty/Staff Resources

Memberships and Subscriptions

Effective May 9, 2011

To provide clarity to those memberships and subscriptions open to reimbursement by the College of Engineering.

While memberships can provide significant benefit to an individual, it is difficult to quantify their benefits to UNL or the College of Engineering.  As with memberships, subscriptions are beneficial only when available to the college as a whole.  Therefore the policy outlines those things which can and cannot be paid for with UNL funds. 


No university funds (appropriated, grants, contracts, indirect cost recovers, or revolving) can be used to pay individual memberships in professional societies or organizations or to purchase personal subscriptions for journals or other periodicals.

University funds may be used to pay institutional memberships in civic or professional organizations or to purchase institutional subscriptions for journals and other periodicals. University of Nebraska Foundation funds may be used to pay for personal memberships or subscriptions if individual endowments are established for these purposes. Unit, college, or university-managed Foundation endowments that provide funds to faculty for support of research, teaching, outreach or service programs cannot be used for personal memberships or subscriptions.

Chairs and faculty may use Foundation discretionary funds for personal memberships and subscriptions. Any request for a membership or subscription which deviates from this procedure should be discussed with the Dean of the college prior to submission.