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UNL Ph.D. Program Agreement with Chinese Scholarship Council

I. Program Description

In order to strengthen the scientific and technological exchanges and cooperation in training high level talents between key institutions of higher learning and scientific research institutions in China, the China Scholarship Council (CSC) and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln have signed an agreement to select students with great potential from universities and research institutions in China to come to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ph.D. Program. The program name in English is the China Scholarship Council-University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ph.D. Program.

The University of Nebraska at Lincoln (University of Nebraska-Lincoln, or UNL), which was founded in 1869, is the oldest University of Nebraska campus and is ranked 40th among the public universities in the U.S. It is the first western research institution that could award a doctorate and also is one of the 63 best research universities in the Association of American Universities.

II. Selection Plan

  1. Selection disciplines:
    Engineering, mathematics, physics, biology and social sciences
    (Please contact the respective program directly for inquiries)
  2. Type of selected students and duration of study:
    Ph.D. students; study period of 48-60 months
  3. Selection size:
    Not limited

III. Funding Content

Upon admission, UNL will provide doctoral teaching assistantships or research assistantships to cover tuition and other college expenses. CSC will provide living expenses (including student health insurance and one round-trip international travel) for students studying at UNL. Cost of living is covered according to the national scholarship funding standard, and is implemented according to the administration of students sent through national scholarship. The funding period will not exceed 48 months.

IV. Application Conditions

  1. About the applicant:
    The applicant should follow the eligibility criteria prescribed by "selection rules of 2011 nation’s high-level university building by sending graduate student program" or "selection rules of 2011 nation’s special scholarship program."
  2. Other conditions:
    Applicants must meet the requirements of UNL doctoral programs in terms of academic and general English selection criteria, and also receive official Ph.D. admission notice from UNL. The admission letter will show that tuition fees of students in the university will be covered.

V. Application Procedures

  1. Selection Approach:
    The project takes an "individual application, institution recommendation, expert evaluation, better qualification" selection approach. All Chinese citizens who meet the application requirements can apply with required procedures.
  2. Application Preparation:
    Before January 20, 2011, the applicant shall apply to UNL at (please specify intended CSC participation in the notes/comments portion of the online application), submit the application materials according to the requirement of program and then obtain the official admission letter. Information released by UNL regarding specific requirements, procedures and deadlines shall prevail. Applicants should specify "China Scholarship Council-University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ph.D. Program" in the application process.
  3. Time and Manner of Application:
    Applicants, who are examined and approved by the administrative department, should complete online registration (through ) February 20-March 20, 2011 and also submit application materials to the relevant agencies in CSC (hereinafter referred to as the scholarship awarding agencies) to submit application materials.

    Applicants, from "211 Project" Chinese universities who are not signed for cooperation with the CSC on nation’s high level university building program (hereinafter referred to as unsigned 211 universities), should register online according to their own university’s arrangement and submit application materials to the related department.
  4. Acceptance Methods of Application:
    CSC commissioned the relevant agencies and unsigned 211 universities to give information on the program, review, accept the application materials, and then submit all the application materials to CSC. CSC does not directly accept applications from individuals.
  5. Application Materials:
    Please tidy up these materials, finishing and putting them into a separate binding.
    1. Please prepare application materials according to the "Instructions to application material preparation for 2011 nation’s scholarship for studying abroad (student visa applicants only)"
    2. One copy of the official admission letter from UNL
    3. One copy of all application materials submitted to UNL

VI. Review and Acceptance Methods

CSC will organize experts to review the application materials and then determine the admission list.

VII. Sending and Management

Accepted applicants should contact UNL to register. The accepted applicants are sent in August that year. For the specific time, please refer to UNL’s admission notice or online academic calendar.

VIII. Contacts

  1. Contact: Jun Xiao
    Tel: 010-66093947
    Fax: 010-66093945
    Address: 13th floor A3 Building, No. 9 Chegongzhuang Street, Beijing, China (100044)

IX. Application and Sending Procedures for Academic Year 2011-2012 (Entrance August 2011)

Steps Time Procedures Details Others


Before 01/20/2011 UNL application preparation and completion Apply online to UNL at Specify "China Scholarship Council-University of Nebraska-Lincoln Ph.D. Program”


Before 3/20/2011 Registration online Register online after examination and approval by your own institution and then submit application materials at Application materials from Unsigned 211 universities should be reviewed by their own related departments, while others should be reviewed by the scholarship awarding agencies.


Before 3/25/2011 Checking and submitting application materials with CSC Unsigned 211 universities and the receiving organizations are responsible for reviewing and organizing the application materials, and submitting them to CSC.  


April 2011 - May 2011 Reviewing and accepting CSC experts will review the application materials, complete the admission process, and then publish the name list of accepted applicants. Admission list will be published online through CSC website; Admission materials will be forwarded to applicants by the applicant’s own institution.


July 2011 Sending Apply for Visa, book flight tickets, etc. Applicants must be sent at the specified date. Applicants who fail to do so will be disqualified.


August 2011 Enrollment Classes begin Students must have arrived on campus prior to the first day of classes.

Chinese Scholarship Council Agreement

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