Living-learning community

Engineering the Leader in You: Living/Learning Community

Contact Information
Nicole Franta / 402-554-3145

"As a mathematics professor, I have never seen a group of students work together so well as a team. The students in the LLC are friends, classmates, and teammates. If I could go back and be a student myself, I would definitely choose to be part of a LLC."

Professor Angie Hodge
Calculus I and II (taught using Inquiry Based Learning) for the Engineering LLC


You are good at math and science. But can you lead a team? Do you have the necessary professional skill set to lead change and be a successful engineer?

All new first-year students pursuing a degree in the UNL College of Engineering on the Scott Campus (at PKI in Omaha) are encouraged to apply for the new living and learning community, “Engineering the Leader in You.”

This community is focused on leadership and career development for first-year engineering students:

  • Live in Scott Village with other engineering students who have similar interests.
  • Enroll in common course sections each semester (e.g., math, chemistry, engineering).
  • Participate in co-curricular programs intentionally designed to enhance their professional skill sets.
  • Have access to peer mentors, tutoring, and faculty/staff in the College of Engineering throughout the academic year.

All interested new first-year engineering students are encouraged to apply via the UNO Housing Application and select this community as their first choice:

The College of Engineering will send a follow-up application to interested students and select the community members based on the responses. All students will be notified if their living/learning community application has been accepted by May. The maximum capacity for this community is 24 students.