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Computing Facilities for Graduate Students

There are two computer laboratories for graduate instruction and research: a PC laboratory and a workstation laboratory. We support Fortran90/95, C and C++ compilers under the various platforms (Windows, Linux, Unix). Other available commercial software products include: Mathematica, Matlab, ABAQUS/Explicit, as well as the common gnu tools available under Linux. ANSYS software is available on the college systems and is accessible to all faculty members and graduate students. Other supporting equipment includes laser printers, two scanners and a color laser printer.

The PC laboratory consists of 10 Windows-based PC’s and provides graduate students with access to the internet, software for word processing, data analysis, graphics, symbolic math manipulation, and other utilities such as scanning, printing, and terminal support for using the college and university computer facilities.

The workstation laboratory is a state-of-the-art resource for research-related computing. Our latest acquisitions include two dual-processor high-end workstations with up to 3 GB of RAM and processor clocks running at 2GHz. These workstations provide an excellent platform for research groups involved in shape and material optimization of solids, meshless methods, polycrystal modeling, micromechanics analysis and hybrid atomistic-continuum simulations of grain boundaries and tribological systems in MEMS. Other department-supported facilities include SUN SPARC workstations and two IBM 3CT (RISC 6000 system) systems running different flavors of the Unix OS, an AMD Athlon workstation (1.3 GHz processor and 1.5 GB RAM) running Redhat Linux, and two Pentium III Windows PC computers (1 GHz processor and 500 MB RAM each). All these computers are interconnected through a fast Ethernet 100 Megabit network connection.

Students in the department involved in parallel computing also have access to the 256-processor super-computer facility (Prairiefire) at UNL.
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