MME - Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Biomedical  Energy  Materials  Micro/Nanotechnology

Jeffrey Shield Professor and Chair Materials Micro/ Nanotechnology   Energy
John Barton Professor       Energy
Ram Bishu Professor Materials Micro/ Nanotechnology    
Florin Bobaru Professor Materials Micro/ Nanotechnology    
Kevin Cole Professor     Biomedical Energy
Yuris Dzenis Professor Materials Micro/ Nanotechnology Biomedical  
Shane Farritor Professor     Biomedical  
Ruqiang Feng Professor Materials   Biomedical Energy
George Gogos Professor       Energy
Susan Hallbeck Professor     Biomedical  
Michael Nastasi Professor Materials     Energy
Mehrdad Negahban Professor Materials   Biomedical  
K.P. Rajurkar Professor   Micro/ Nanotechnology   Energy
John Reid Professor       Energy
Brian Robertson Professor Materials     Energy
Solomon To Professor       Energy
Joseph Turner Professor Materials Micro/ Nanotechnology Biomedical  
Jiashi Yang Professor Materials      
Eveline Baesu Associate Professor Materials   Biomedical  
Carl Nelson Associate Professor     Biomedical Energy
Wieslaw Szydlowski Associate Professor       Energy
Li Tan Associate Professor Materials Micro/ Nanotechnology   Energy
Robert Williams Associate Professor       Energy
Zhaoyan Zhang Associate Professor       Energy
Linxia Gu Assistant Professor     Biomedical Energy
Jinsong Huang Assistant Professor Materials Micro/ Nanotechnology   Energy
Sidy Ndao Assistant Professor   Micro/ Nanotechnology   Energy
Benjamin Terry Assistant Professor     Biomedical  
Jung Yul Lim Assistant Professor Materials   Biomedical  
Lucia Fernandez-Ballester Research Assistant Professor Materials      
Jeff Hawks Research Assistant Professor     Biomedical  
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