MME - Research Areas - Bio Sciences

Bio Sciences

  • E. Baesu, Associate Professor: Solid mechanics: electromechanical effects, fiber networks, and biomechanics
  • R. Bishu, Professor: Ergonomics, quality control, information processing, design and experiments, and statistics
  • Y. Dzenis, R. Vernon McBroom Professor: Advanced functional nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing
  • S.M. Farritor, Professor: Robotics for planetary exploration, design and control of mobile robot systems, industrial robot programming, mobile robot planning, modular design, computer-aided creative design
  • R. Feng, Professor: Experimental and computational mechanics of materials: Inelastic deformation, damage and failure mechanisms, high strain rate and shock wave phenomena, rheology of polymers and polymer compounds, surface mechanics and tribology, polycrystal modeling and simulations, and hybrid atomistic-continuum modeling and simulations of defects/heterogeneities
  • S. Hallbeck, Professor: Innovative design and ergonomic analysis: Development of laparoscopic surgical tools, methodology standardization for operating room medical device usability, development of neutron detection sensors
  • L. Gu, Assistant Professor: Computational mechanics with experimental validation, multiscale modeling, fluid-structure interaction, material characterization, traumatic brain injury, vascular mechanics including vascular remodeling, mechanism of in-stent restenosis and atherosclerosis, minimally invasive medical device design
  • Jung Yul Lim, Assistant Professor: Utilization of biomaterial surface engineering/patterning tools (nanotexturing, surface energy tuning, chemical or topographic micro/nanopatterning) in combination with biophysical stimuli (shear stress, mechanical strain, high pressure loading) to regulate functions of stem cells, musculoskeletal cells, neuronal cells, etc.
  • M. Negahban, Professor and Associate Chair for Graduate Studies and Research: Theoretical modeling, computational simulation, and experimental characterize of large deformation thermo-mechanical response of polymers and biological materials, inverse problems, dynamic loading, inelastic and plastic response
  • C. A. Nelson, Associate Professor: Design and analysis of robotic and mechanical systems, robot-assisted surgery, design of novel medical devices, modular design, applied graph theory, rehabilitation engineering
  • S. Ryu, Assistant Professor: Experimental investigations of multi-scale phenomena of fluid flow and cellular mechanics, and their applications in engineering systems
  • B. Terry, Assistant Professor: Biomedical research; Medical therapeutics, devices, and surgical tools; Intuitive, ambulatory biosensors; Biomechanical behavior of tissues and organs
  • C.W.S. To, Professor: Sound and vibration studies (acoustic pulsation in pipelines, railway noise and vibration, signal analysis, structural dynamics, random vibration, nonlinear and chaotic vibration), solid mechanics (linear and nonlinear finite-element methods with application to laminated composite shell structures and modeling of aorta dissection), system dynamics (nonlinear and rigid-body dynamics), controls (deterministic and stochastic), nanomechanics
  • J.A. Turner, Professor: Experimental ultrasonics, nanoindentation, atomic-force microscopy, elastic wave propagation and scattering, linear and nonlinear vibrations, structural acoustics
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