MME - Research Areas - Manufacturing


  • J. P. Barton, Professor: Laser beam/particle interactions, acoustics, electromagnetic wave theory, high-temperature gas dynamics, fluid mechanics, experimental methods, data acquisition and analysis
  • R. Bishu, Professor: Ergonomics, quality control, information processing, design and experiments, and statistics
  • S. Ndao, Assistant Professor: Micro/Nano systems energy conversion, storage and power generation; Two-phase heat transfer in Micro and Nano domains; Microscale combustion; Microfluidics & Functional nanofluids; BioMEMS & Bioheat transfer; Surface & Interface Science; Micro / Nanostructures fabrication
  • K. P. Rajurkar, Professor: Modeling and analysis of manufacturing processes, systems sensing and control of traditional and nontraditional macro, micro and nano manufacturing processes
  • R. Williams, Associate Professor: Abrasive flow machining, nontraditional finishing processes, rapid prototyping, tooling
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