MME - Research Areas - Systems, Design and Controls

Systems, Design and Controls

  • S. M. Farritor, Professor: Robotics for planetary exploration, design and control of mobile robot systems, industrial robot programming, mobile robot planning, modular design, computer-aided creative design
  • S. Hallbeck, Professor: Innovative design and ergonomic analysis: Development of laparoscopic surgical tools, methodology standardization for operating room medical device usability, development of neutron detection sensors
  • C. A. Nelson, Associate Professor: Design and analysis of robotic and mechanical systems, robot-assisted surgery, design of novel medical devices, modular design, applied graph theory, rehabilitation engineering
  • K. P. Rajurkar, Professor: Modeling and analysis of manufacturing processes, systems sensing and control of traditional and nontraditional macro, micro and nano manufacturing processes
  • J. D. Reid, Professor: Vehicle crashworthiness and roadside safety design, analysis, and simulation; vehicle dynamics; nonlinear, large deformation, finite-element analysis; computer simulation
  • W. M. Szydlowski, Associate Professor: Analysis and synthesis of mechanisms, computer simulation of mechanical systems, dynamics of machinery (mechanical impact and mechanisms of intermittent motion with clearances in particular), redundant constraints in large mechanical systems, application of genetic algorithms to synthesis of mechanisms
  • B. Terry, Assistant Professor: Biomedical research; Medical therapeutics, devices, and surgical tools; Intuitive, ambulatory biosensors; Biomechanical behavior of tissues and organs
  • C. W. S. To, Professor: Sound and vibration studies (acoustic pulsation in pipelines, railway noise and vibration, signal analysis, structural dynamics, random vibration, nonlinear and chaotic vibration), solid mechanics (linear and nonlinear finite-element methods with application to laminated composite shell structures and modeling of aorta dissection), system dynamics (nonlinear and rigid-body dynamics), controls (deterministic and stochastic), design methodology, nanomechanics
  • Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory: Computers, microcontrollers, mobile robots, and industrial robots
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