MME - Research Areas - Thermal/Fluid Sciences

Thermal/Fluid Sciences

  • J.P. Barton, Professor: Laser beam/particle interactions, acoustics, electromagnetic wave theory, high-temperature gas dynamics, fluid mechanics, experimental methods, data acquisition and analysis
  • K.D. Cole, Professor: Heat transfer and diffusion theory, Green’s functions and symbolic computation, numerical modeling, thermal sensor technology, thermal conductivity measurements
  • R. Feng, Professor: Experimental and computational mechanics of materials: Inelastic deformation, damage and failure mechanisms, high strain rate and shock wave phenomena, rheology of polymers and polymer compounds, surface mechanics and tribology, polycrystal modeling and simulations, and hybrid atomistic-continuum modeling and simulations of defects/heterogeneities
  • G. Gogos, Professor: Computational heat transfer and fluid flow; perturbation methods; fundamental processes associated with vaporizing/combusting sprays with applications in liquid-fueled rocket engines, gas turbines, diesel engines, and industrial furnaces (evaporation/combustion of moving droplets, subcritical and supercritical droplet evaporation, transition of envelop to wake flames in burning droplets, droplet interactions, interaction of sprays and buoyant diffusion flames); natural convection; heat transfer and material deposition in rotational molding
  • S. Ndao, Assistant Professor: Micro/Nano systems energy conversion, storage and power generation; Two-phase heat transfer in Micro and Nano domains; Microscale combustion; Microfluidics & Functional nanofluids; BioMEMS & Bioheat transfer; Surface & Interface Science; Micro / Nanostructures fabrication
  • S. Ryu, Assistant Professor: Experimental investigations of multi-scale phenomena of fluid flow and cellular mechanics, and their applications in engineering systems
  • T. Wei, Professor and Dean of the College of Engineering: Fluid dynamics
  • R. Williams, Associate Professor: Abrasive flow machining, nontraditional finishing processes, rapid prototyping, tooling
  • Z. Zhang, Associate Professor: Numerical and experimental study of the laser-induced plasma and its application to pulsed laser deposition of thin films, numerical modeling of diesel particulate filters and other after-treatment devices, blast wave mitigation devices
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