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Engineering Undergraduate Prospective Students

Student Features - Jordan Burchatz

BIG POTENTIAL: The hopes and goals of our engineering students are intriguing and as diverse as they are. No matter their backgrounds and majors, our students are here with a purpose: to make a BIG difference in people's lives.



Jordan Burchatz

Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
Hometown: Watertown, S.D.
Class Year/Graduation: Junior

Jordan Burchatz

BIG OPPORTUNITIES: In high school, Jordan Burchatz didn’t exactly know what engineers did, but he’d heard they were problem solvers and that was something he enjoyed. He came to UNL from Watertown, S.D., and became a mechanical engineering major. Now a junior, Burchatz has no regrets about his choice.

“I’ve always thought that when I considered whether my life was worthwhile, it was because I made a difference,” Burchatz said. “I can do that with engineering.”

BIG IMPACT: One way he’s already making a positive impact is in his leadership role with the college’s Diplomats organization in Lincoln. The college offers programs in Lincoln and Omaha for students to serve as Ambassadors, Delegates or Diplomats, representing Nebraska Engineering to potential students. They give tours, attend college fairs, and assist at other outreach events.

Another project is coordinating a new outreach program with Lefler Middle School students in Lincoln. The college has “adopted” the school’s math classes and offers tutoring and other incentives to help the younger students learn and enjoy math.

“The middle schools students are really fun to work with,” he said. “They have a little bit of an attitude, but I still remember those days myself, so we get through it easily.”

BIG ASPIRATIONS: Burchatz likes to meet challenges head-on; that’s how he approaches his new quest to study abroad in Germany next year, even without any German language experience so far.

“International experience is important for my own benefit and for a career,” he said. “It seems like a long time away from home, but really it’s only one year of my life and will be a great experience.”

While in Germany, he’ll take engineering classes, learn German, and also experience an internship. Long nights are the norm for many engineering students and Burchatz is no exception. He understands, however, that “all these experiences are preparing me for my future.” His interest in vehicle design, or perhaps nanotechnology, are some of the options he’s considering.