P3 - Prospective Interns

Prospective Interns

  • Is enrolled in an accredited engineering or science program at a college or university located in U.S. EPA Region VII (Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska).
  • Has at least “Junior” standing by the start of the summer. Graduate students are also encouraged to apply.
  • Has completed coursework in chemistry and calculus (Math 106 at UNL). Completion of an environmental engineering course is desirable.
  • Submits an application that is received by Monday, February 2, 2015.
  1. Financial Support—Interns receive about $6,000 in pay and benefits for the 10-week internship, tuition and fees for 3 credit hours and approved out-of-town travel reimbursement.
  2. Pollution Prevention Education—Knowledge of this environmental principle will be advantageous to any future career.
  3. College Credit—Earn 3 hours of college credit in a senior-level engineering course at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  4. Real World Experience—The P3 program offers a unique opportunity to apply knowledge learned in the classroom to real world situations. Interns have a special opportunity to better their communication skills and to network with those in industry.
How to Apply to the P3 Program
  1. Download the P3 Application (You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view and print the pdf file of the P3 Application).
  2. Complete all information requested on the application form. Review the description of the different kinds of assistance modes or placement options to better understand your choices.
  3. Answer all the Supplemental Application Questions.
  4. Include a copy of your university transcript(s) or self-generated list of course and grades.
  5. Obtain two references using the forms provided. At least one reference should be from a university faculty member. The other reference may be a supervisor or someone familiar with your work habits and personality. Please have the person providing the recommendation return the form directly to the address at the bottom of the form. Often students provide their reference person with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.
  6. Submit your completed application to: 
    P3 Intern Program
    UNL-Biological Systems Engineering
    234 Chase Hall
    Lincoln, NE 68583-0726
    or e-mail your application to: bdvorak1@unl.edu
  7. Submit your application by Monday, February 2, 2015
If you have any questions about the application process, please e-mail: Dr. Bruce Dvorak at bdvorak1@unl.edu

Application Review Process
  1. After the due date, the P3 faculty and staff review all applications.
  2. Semi-finalists are often interviewed in person or by telephone.
Participants are selected on the basis of:
  • communication skills
  • people skills
  • work ethic
  • academic achievement
  • relevant experience
  • interest in specific technical assistance sites
  • available projects and clients
  • technical aptitude
If Selected to the P3 Program...
We want both you and your prospective client or placement to be happy with the summer’s choices. If there appears to be a beneficial match, you will receive a formal letter of offer to confirm your participation in the P3 Program.

We have put together a list of “Understandings and Expectations” that will be included with your letter of offer. It will provide you with all the details to get you ready for the summer. This information includes specifics about:
  • Class Attendance
  • Health Insurance
  • Pay and Reimbursements
  • Application to UNL (Non-UNL students)
  • Class Enrollment
  • Transfer Credit
  • Other Requirements
NOTE: The sample “Understandings and Expectations” presented on the website is general in nature, and may not completely reflect your current situation. Be sure to read and follow the “Understandings and Expectations” included with your offer letter.

Report on the first day of class ready to learn, have fun, and have an overall rewarding, educational experience.

For general information and inquiries, e-mail: Dr. Dvorak at bdvorak1@unl.edu
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