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Blast Simulation



Nick Kleinschmit  Nick Kleinschmit grew up near Hartington, Nebraska. While an undergraduate at UNL, he did a seven week research abroad program in Sweden and a research/educational experience aboard NASA's reduced gravity aircraft. Nick graduated with a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering (BSME) in December 2009. He is currently pursuing a masters degree in engineering mechanics at UNL, where he is working on the design of a 28" shock tube. Nick enjoys outdoor activities like camping, hiking, skiing, hunting, canoeing, and biking; and working with tools on self-designed projects.


Trauma Mechanics Work


  • M.S. (Engineering Mechanics) University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE; Since 2009 (current student)
  • B.E. (Mechanical Engineering) University of Nebraska–Lincoln, Lincoln, NE; 2009


  • 2009 Graduate Assistant: Blast Simulation Laboratory, UNL (current). Assists development of shock wave generation facility involving design, fabrication, purchasing, assembly, and testing. Wrote data acquisition and signal processing programs using LabView and performs various shock wave experiments.
  • 2008 Lincoln Composites Engineering Intern. Assisted experiments on filament wound pressure vessels using differential scanning, prepared technical documents, specifications, engineering changes, and reports, and currently has a patent under review.
  • 2008 Swedish Institue of Composites (SICOMP). Performed resin permeation of fibers experiment and non-destructive ultrasonic testing.
  • 2006 Kolberg-Pioneer Industries (Design Engineering/Drafting Internship. Created models and drawings of conveyors, rock crushers, and other equipment, recorded engineering changes when designs were changed, and trained two neew draftsman to use Autodesk Inventor. (CNC Plasma Cutter Operator). Operated plasma cutter, grinder, hoist, and torch. (Manufacturing Engineering Internship). Routed parts for mills, lathes, drills, plasma cutting, and other manufacturing centers, and catalogued machine inventory.
  • UNL Microgravity Team. Designed and tested an experiment using lunar soil simulant aboard NASA's reduced gravity aircraft in lunar (1/6) gravity.


  • James Canfield Scholarship
  • David West Hawksworth Scholarship
  • Ethel S. Abbott Scholarship
  • Hazelle P. Campbell Scholarship
  • NASA Space Grant Fellowship
  • National Science Foundation Fellowship