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College of Engineering

Engineering & Science Research Support Facility (ESRSF): Design


The Engineering Science and Research Support Facility is committed to providing engineering and technical support to customers worldwide. The College of Engineering & Technology actively supports our effort in maintaining the highest possible standards of quality and service. The ESRSF is well equipped to handle engineering design for a variety of projects in the areas of glaciology, ocean exploration, geo sciences, space exploration and medical research. We work with industry professionals and top faculty from around the world on such projects as glacial and ocean drilling equipment, structures for extreme environments, and other instrumentation.

Engineering computer workstations are used in our facilities to design, analyze, and facilitate manufacture of customer projects. Designers, operators and programmers routinely use a variety of software for their various task and responsibilities. The engineering facility utilizes the latest in processor technology, massive storage, expandability along with upgrade ability to assure state of the art systems. Technicians model the work piece, assemble and verify fits, and simulate machining before actual part manufacture to minimize setup cost to our customers.


Engineering & Science Research Support Facility (ESRSF)