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College of Engineering

Graduate Committee

Dr. Bruce Dvorak, P.E. Civil Engineering, Committee Chair
Dr. Steve Comfort School of Natural Resources
Dr. James Hendrix, P.E. Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
Dr. Xu Li Civil Engineering
Dr. Dennis Schulte, P.E. Biological Systems Engineering

Biological Systems Engineering

Dean Eisenhauer, P.E.

Hydrologic and Irrigation Engineering; Infiltration; Overland and Vadose Zone Flow
Thomas G. Franti, P.E. Surface Water Management
John Gilley, P.E. Manure Management; Surface Water Quality
Derek M. Heeren Hydrological Sciences; Natural Resources Management
Adam Liska Biofuels; Life Cycle Assessment; Greenhouse Gas Emissions; Energy Security
Amy Millmier Schmidt Livestock Manure Management
Francisco Munoz-Arriola Hydroinformatics; Integrated Water Resources Management
Dennis Schulte, P.E. Air Pollution; Nonpoint Source Pollution Control
Wayne Woldt, P.E. Environmental Engineering; Odor Management

Civil Engineering

David Admiraal Water Resources Engineering; Open Channel Hydraulic; Sediment Transport Analysis
Shannon Bartelt-Hunt, P.E. Contaminant Fate and Transport; Environmental Chemistry
Mohamed Dahab, P.E. Water and wastewater treatment; Waste management; Resources and energy recovery
Bruce Dvorak, P.E. Drinking Water Treatment; Environmental Sustainable Practices
Junke Guo Environmental Fluid Mechanics; Water Resources Engineering
Xu Li Environmental biotechnology; Biological water/wastewater treatment
Yusong Li Fate and transport of contaminants; Environmental implication of nanotechnology; Ground water remediation
John Stansbury, P.E. Risk Analysis; Hazardous Waste; Environmental/Water Resources Engineering
Tian Zhang, P.E. Water, Wastewater and Hazardous Waste Treatment; Non-Point Source Pollution Control;
Biofilm Processes

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

James Hendrix, P.E. Sustainable Development; Mining Sustainability; Environmental Mining Chemistry

School of Natural Resources

Steve Comfort Fate/Transport/Remediation of Organic Contaminants in Water & Soil
Patrick Shea Environmental Chemistry and Toxicology of Xenobiotics