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Engineering Study Abroad

Travel the World as an Engineering Student


UNL Scholarships:

UNL International Affairs Discovery/Diversity Scholarships*

-Study abroad program sponsored or approved by UNL
-Study abroad program in under repre sented area or field of study (Discovery)
-Promote diversity in UNL study abroad programs (Diversity)
-Commitment to promote UNL study abroad programs upon return
-Scholarships not to exceed $500
-Deadlines are 15 October and 15 March
- Scholarship Application (Forms can not be submitted on-line)

Charlotte Kramer Foreign Study Scholarship*
-Study abroad program sponsored or approved by UNL
-Minimum GPA of 3.2
-At least Sophomore class standing
-Deadline is 15 December
- Scholarship Application (Forms can not be submitted on-line)

College of Business Administration Awards
-Several scholarships for students in the college
-Various eligibility requirements and deadlines
-All CBA students are considered

College of Business Administration Harris Scholarship
-Travel scholarships not to exceed $1,000
-Study abroad program sponsored by UNL
-Academic merit, leadership and financial need
-Deadline is 15 March
-All CBA students are considered

Forbes Classical Endowment
-Annual award to a UNL student studying a Classics summer program in Greece or Italy
-Contact Tom Winter, 233 Andrews

Hixson-Lied Endowment for International Study
-Awards up to $2,000
-Applications due 25 October and 24 March
-Hixson-Lied Endowment: (402) 472- 9339

Kawasaki Travel Grant to Japan
-Study at Japanese University on UNL exchange for academic year
-In area of Japanese language
-Deadline is 31 January

Kleis Scholarship
-Students studying in the Colleges of Agricul tural Sciences and related areas
-Travel grants for airfare and related expenses
-Dean’s Office, IANR, Ag Hall 103, 472-7908

Mila and Vladimir Kabaidze Award
-Interested in International Business
-$1,000 scholarship for study in Russia
-Must have 2 years college Russian language
-Deadline is 1 April
-Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship, CBA 209

Modern Languages and Literature Awards*
-Scholarship to study foreign languages
-Applications: Oldfather 1111
-March and October deadlines

Phi Beta Delta Scholarship*
-Minimum 3.75 GPA
-Deadline is 15 March
- Scholarship Application (Forms can not be submitted on-line)

Souham Scholarship
-Pursuing degree in International Business
-$1,000 scholarship to study in a French speaking country
-Must have 2 years college French language
-Deadline is 1 April
-Applications: Nebraska Center for Entrepreneurship CBA 209

Tri-Con Scholarship*
-Study Japanese Language at a Japanese university for one or more years
-Deadline is 31 January

UCARE Program
-For UNL students to do research or creative activities with UNL faculty members.
-2-year program open to full-time students with a 3.0 GPA or higher
-Projects accepted from all disciplines.
-Up to $2400 in funding

University of Bayreuth*
-1 Undergraduate and 1 Graduate stipend
-Study at University of Bayreuth, Germany
-Monthly living allowance for academic year
-Deadline is 15 February

Wiebers International Studies Program*
-Demonstrated ability in foreign language 3.0 GPA
-UNL sponsored or approved programs
-Must provide 10% of educational costs through employment.
- Application form
-Deadline February 1

National Scholarships:

Fulbright Scholarships*
-Senior and graduate research grants; all expenses
-Students select country and university
-Deadline is September
-Contact Dr. Stoddard:
- For further program information

Gilman Scholarship
-Up to $5000.00
-Must be an undergraduate U.S. citizen in good academic standing
-The applicant must be receiving a Federal Pell Grant at time of application
-Program information:

National Security Education Program*
-Only uncommon languages
-Students select language and area
-Mandatory service obligation
-Deadline is 15 February

Program Specific Scholarships:

Annette Kade Scholarships
-Academic year ISEP program in France or Germany
-Academic merit and financial need
-Grants ranging from $1,500 to $3,000
-Deadline is 1 April
-Program information:

AustraLearn Scholarship*
-Admission to study in Australia or New Zealand and through AustraLearn
-Three (3) $500 scholarships per year
-Program information: /
- Scholarship Application (Forms can not be submitted on-line)

Council on International Educational Exchange Scholarships
-For participants in CIEE programs
-Robert Bailey III Minority Scholarship
-John E. Bowman Travel Grant
-Jennifer Ritzman Scholarship for Studies in Tropical Biology
-Deadlines are March and October
-Program information:

DIS Study Scholarship and Work Scholarship*
-Participants in the DIS program in Copenhagen
-Grants between $100 - $500 for study, and a maximum of $250 for 50 hours of work
-Deadlines are 15 March and 15 October

Institute for Study Abroad - Butler University
-For particpation in a Butler program
-Scholarships up to $1,000
-Program information:
Scholarship Application (Forms can not be submitted on-line)

International Studies Abroad
-Admission to an ISA program in a Spanish or French-speaking country
-Minimum GPA of 2.75 is required
-Completion of one year of college, with 24 semester credits
-At least one year of college-level language instruction required
-Program information:

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
-¥25,000 settling-in allowance and ¥80,000 monthly stipend
-Economy class air ticket
-Acceptance into a Japanese university and good academic standing
-For further information contact International Affairs

Korea Travel Scholarship
-Academic year ISEP program in Korea
-Academic merit and financial need
-Program information:

Additional Scholarship Resources:

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Greetings From Abroad

Greetings from Abroad

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