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Sweden Work, Engineering and Design in Advanced Composites (SWEDAC) Paid Summer Research

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Engineering is proud to present the Sweden Work, Engineering, and Design in Advanced Composites (SWEDAC), a training and research program in advanced materials engineering. Undergraduate and graduate engineering students will be selected to work in cutting-edge research facilities in Luleå or Piteå, Sweden, take part in industry-related activities and enjoy related cultural experiences This program is sponsored by the National Science Foundation Office of International Science and Engineering. Students selected for the program will be joined in Sweden by Dean David Allen, Professor of Engineering Mechanics and Principal Investigator for this project.

May 15th - June 25th, 2010


Luleå Technological Institute, Luleå, Sweden and Swedish Institute of Composites (SICOMP), Piteå, Sweden

Research Topic:

Advanced Composites and Engineering Materials

Field Trips:

Riga, Latvia and Stockholm, Sweden


Earn three credit hours toward your degree:

  • ENGR 490 (3 cr.) History of Science and Technology Essential Studies in Areas C,D,E,G, or H
    (Humanities, Social Sciences, History, Arts and Architecture, Diversity)


  • ENGM 491 (3 cr.) Special Topics in Composite Materials Technical Elective


Undergraduate Students

  • Engineering-related major
  • Sophomore standing or above
  • Interest in graduate school
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency required for all participants receiving NSF funding per NSF requirements 

Graduate Students

  • 3.3 GPA
  • Engineering-related major
  • U.S. citizenship or permanent residency required for all participants receiving NSF funding per NSF requirements

Application Process:

  • Fill out form A and B of International Affairs application, submit electronically and provide a hard copy to current Study Abroad Coordinator along with your resume and a passport sized photo
  • This is a competitive program. Please take time to fill out the application and supportive materials
  • Applications accepted in Fall 2009

Application Deadline:

We no longer accept applications!


$1000 + $1800 for France (optional)

**Other Program Costs and additional expenses:

  • Tuition: Resident $169.50 per credit hour/Non-resident $503.50 per credit hour Scholarships and financial aid can be used to pay for tuition (e.g., JD Edwards, Kiewit, Regents)
  • Personal expenses: cost depends on students' spending habits. Program does NOT cover cost of personal items, weekend excursions unrelated to the program, extra emergency travel costs, entertainment, personal phone, data and internet costs. For most students, $25 per day should be plenty
  • Program fee: includes airfare, lodging, fieldtrips, some meals, international student ID, emergency accident and sickness insurance, pre-departure booklet, and visas
  • Program Fee DOES NOT include:
    Tuition: 3 credits
last updated: 10-19-09

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