28 engineering faculty/staff honored by Parents Association

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At the annual Parents Recognition Awards Reception on March 6, 28 faculty and staff from the College of Engineering received a Certificate of Recognition for Contribution to Students from the UNL Parents Association.

Beginning in December, the UNL Parents Association solicited parents of university students to consult with their student(s) and to nominate a faculty or staff member who "has made a significant contribution to their lives while at the University."

The College of Engineering faculty and staff who were recognized with this honor (and number of years earning this honor in parentheses):

Biological Systems Engineering: Roger Hoy (8), Nicole Iverson (2), Santosh Pitla (2), Cheryl Pflueger (3), Deepak Keshwani (8)

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering: Hunter Flodman (1), Srivatsan Kidambi (2), Kevin Van Cott (1)

Civil and Environmental Engineering: Massoum Moussavi (1)

Computer Science and Engineering: Tyler Bienhoff (1), Chris Bourke (3), Justin Bradley (1), Berthe Choueiry (3), Ann Koopmann (16), Suzette Person (2), Saravanan Raju (1), Bonita Sharif (1)

Dean's Office: Mohamed Amar (1)

Engineering Student Services: Emily Griffin Overocker (1), Jayde McWilliams (2)

Electrical and Computer Engineering: Dennis Alexander (1), Christos Argyropoulos (1), Jay Carlson (1), Jerald Varner (5)

Mechanical and Materials Engineering: George Gogos (2), Carl Nelson (2), Cody Stolle (1), Jiashi Yang (1)

The reception was coordinated by the parents' association, UNL's Division of Student Affairs and the Teaching Council.

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