Strong candidates are always encouraged to apply for a position by contacting Dr. Moore regardless of the opportunities described below.

Researchers in MoDAL are given their own projects and are responsible for all theoretical, computational, and experimental aspects of that project. This approach ensures that the researchers become experts on all fronts in their specific projects/disciplines while preventing disconnects that arise when analysis and experimentation are split between researchers.  When a project calls for expertise from multiple areas, researchers are then paired based on their expertise and work together on all aspects of the project.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students are encouraged to contact Dr. Moore directly as there are always opportunities to perform research, though not all opportunities provide financial support. In addition to contacting Dr. Moore, students are strongly encouraged to visit the UCARE website to search for current opportunities and projects.

Opportunities for Graduate Students

There are currently no specific projects that are recruiting students at this time. However, strong candidates are encouraged to contact Dr. Moore directly as funding opportunities are always evolving. US Citizens and members of underrepresented groups are especially encouraged to contact Dr. Moore directly. The primary research projects in MoDAL over the next few years include:

  • Autonomous approaches to data processing, model validation, and model updating.
  • Reduced-order modeling of the mechanics of loosening in bolted joints.
  • System identification and model updating of systems with non-local nonlinearities.

The following resources should be of interest to all applicants:

Opportunities for Visiting Scholars

The Moore Dynamics and Analytics Laboratory welcomes international scholars to apply for a visiting position. Currently, we are recruiting for one to two open positions for visiting scholars. In particular, students with experience and interest in the following topics are encouraged to apply:

  • Analytical verification of characteristic nonlinear system identification
  • Mechanics of loosening bolted joints
  • Experimental measurement of split-Hopkinson pressure bars with non-traditional interfaces
  • Wave separation applied to complex interfaces
  • Manipulating energy flows in nonlinear structures
  • Data-driven sensing with application to the development of an energy sensor
  • Data-driven nonlinear system identification including machine-learning approaches
  • Discovery of governing equations directly from measured data

Opportunities for Postdoctoral Scholars

There are currently only limited opportunities for postdoctoral scholars in MoDAL. Postdoctoral scholars with external funding are encouraged to contact Dr. Moore directly.