The Nondestructive Testing for Civil Engineering (NDT-CE) Laboratory is located in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. The research of NDT-CE lab focuses on developing innovative sensing technologies for nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and structural health monitoring (SHM) of civil infrastructure, including applications to bridges, dams, nuclear power facilities, and pipelines etc.

Dr. Jinying Zhu is the director of NDT-CE lab.  Our current graduate students and NDT-CE alumini have received many national awards for their research in NDE field. Former students have been successful in both academia and industry.

We conduct research in the multidisciplinary fields of stress wave propagation in complex media, nonlinear ultrasonic waves, air-coupled sensing, and machine learning. We emphasize innovative experimental methods and fundamental understanding of the interaction mechanisms between waves and damage in materials.

Research Philosophy

  • Seek simple and low-cost solutions to complex problems

  • Perform fundamental research while keep applications in mind

  • Understand how things work