WatchID—Whole Body Analysis with Transformed Hierarchical Features for Biometric Identification


The WatchID—Whole Body Analysis with Transformed Hierarchical Features for Biometric Identification—study advances artificial intelligence (AI) learning, by analyzing photos and videos of human movement for purposes of biometric identfication at range and altitude.

How to Participate

WATCHID is currently recruiting participants to help us create a database of human movement. We are offering participants $100 (in the form of pre-loaded Visa gift cards) to model basic activities, including standing, walking at a natural pace, and turning in a circle. Participants do not need to be in good physical shape and are not expected to do any strenuous activity during their appointment. Appointments are not expected to be longer than 2 hours.

If you would like to know more about the data collection process, please visit the resources page.

Schedule Your Appointment

Appointments are available July 16-29.

9:00am – 7:00pm

Make your appointment

The study will take place at the Havelock Research Farm (84th St. and Havelock Ave.), approximately 10 minutes from the city campus.
Click here for directions and parking information.

WatchID is looking for volunteers to participate in our data collections.  Volunteers will be compensated for their time. 
For more information and/or to volunteer, please register to partcipate.


WatchID is an IRB-approved study supported by the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) Biometric Recognition and Identification at Altitude and Range (BRIAR) program. This is a collaborative research effort comprised of Intelligent Automation, Inc.—A BlueHalo Company (PI: Dr. Mun Wai Lee), University of Nebraska-Lincoln (PI: Prof. Benjamin S. Riggan)  and University of Nebraska-Omaha (PI: Prof. Nick Stergiou), University of Maryland College Park (PI: Prof. Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya), and Resonant Sciences (PI: Dr. Michael Hawks).

Privacy and Responsible Biometrics Research

WatchID is committed to promoting and following the highest standards in terms of responsible biometrics research practices.
WatchID is operating with the approval of the Institutional Review Boards in terms of biomteric data collection, data storage, and data dissemination. This includes practices such as use of consenting volunteers, ability to opt out of presentation or publications, use of anonymous identifiers, and secure data storage, and much more.