Alma Ramirez-Rodgers

Portrait of Alma Ramirez-Rodgers

Contact Information:

Scott Campus (Omaha)
(402) 554-3618

Senior Assistant Director of Student Development

About Me:

¡Hola!  I've been with the College of Engineering since 1996.  You may be asking what has kept me working for the college for  so long and the simple answer is that I enjoy coming to work everyday because I know I have the pleasure of helping you, the student, in achieving your personal and academic goals.   The passion I have for my job is the same feeling I want every student to have about choosing and persisting in engineering.  The road to an engineering degree may not be an easy one but myself, and the Engineering Student Services staff, are here to provide you with the tools and resources needed to help you achieve your goals .  Thank you for making my job so fabulous! :)


B.A., Psychology, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.S., Counseling with concentration in Higher Education, University of Nebraska at Omaha

To schedule an appointment, or to contact me, please email me at