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About our Lab

Our laboratory conducts research in biomedical imaging and biosignal analysis (hence our name!). Most of our work involves diagnostic ultrasound for two main purposes: assessing circulatory health via measurement of blood flow, and estimating biomechanical properties of tissues (especially cardiac and tendon) via unconventional ultrasonic methods.

The laboratory includes a separate imaging room for privacy. Major lab equipment includes a Siemens Antares commercial diagnostic ultrasound machine and several DWL transcranial Doppler imaging machines. We make a lot of our own stuff - with a top-notch machining shop next door and a 3D printer in the building, we can prototype our research needs in a few days or even a few hours depending on complexity.

When we're not eating pancakes, we're working on very cool research. See our current projects for what's going on now...

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About our people

Members of the BIBA lab are ambitious, creative, and go-getters. We bring together a broad spectrum of backgrounds in our quest to effectively improve clinical standards of care. Because many of our projects involve collaborators or incorporate human subject testing, the development of interpersonal skills is essential. Alumni from our lab have found success in a variety of different professions, such as academics at Mayo Clinic and Yale, medical school at UNMC and Creighton, and industry at GE Healthcare and General Dynamics. To learn more about us, check out our members page. And if you are interested in joining, look here.