BSE Activity Report


If travel is required to continue your research activities OR you are hosting visitor(s) in Chase Hall, complete the BSE Activity Report below. Note that you can include all dates within a month that you anticipate traveling. You are also encouraged to include the names of all staff and students under your supervision who will require access. Staff requiring access should contact their supervisor first for approval.

If we experience an exceedance in capacity levels that does not support safe distancing, Dr. Jones will work with you to identify alternative strategies for completing work. Safety remains our primary responsibility.

You may proceed with the travel plans outlined in your activity report once you have received confirmation from Dr. Jones that your travel has been approved.

(e.g., Chase, Splinter, ENREC, NIC, RMF)
Include the nature of the work, why it is essential, time frame of the task, the faculty/staff in charge, and other pertinent information
Access to on-campus and field sites will be permitted if: 1) there is low risk of spreading the COVID-19 infection (in either direction), 2) the employee working on campus or traveling to campus or for field work will practice social distancing, 3) there are no reasonable alternatives, and 4) the occupancy limit for buildings is not exceeded. This is not business as usual and university employees, regardless of destination, must take all necessary precautions to protect themselves and others from COVID-19 infection.
All Activity:
Field Work (and/or travel away from campus)
(Check all that applies)
UNL & Non-UNL sites