BSE - Professional Admission

Professional Admission

Pre-professionally admitted COE students majoring in agricultural engineering (AGEN) or biological systems engineering(BSEN) have their records examined for advancement to professionally admitted status during the fall, spring, and summer immediately following the term in which 43 or more credits applicable to the AGEN/BSEN degree have been completed. Students must be professionally admitted in order to enroll in AGEN 470/BSEN 470.

To be professionally admitted to AGEN/BSEN, the student must:

  • Meet the general professional admission criteria of the College of Engineering (i.e., completion of at least one semester in the College, a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or greater, and not having been already declined admission by two other engineering majors).
  • AGEN/BSEN professional admission criteria requires consistent grades of C or better in calculus, calculus-based physics, chemistry, communications, and engineering science courses.
  • Complete MECH 223 and AGEN 225/BSEN 225 with grades of a C or better
  • Complete the AGEN/BSEN Writing Assessment Exam (i.e., Grammar Slammer) before professional admission is granted.
Students who meet the above criteria with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or greater with all grades above a C in UNL mathematics, science, engineering, and communications courses, and scoring 70 percent or higher on the AGEN/BSEN Writing Assessment Exam may be professionally admitted without further review by Department faculty.
  • Students scoring less than 70 percent on the AGEN/BSEN Writing Assessment Exam must agree to a writing improvement plan with their academic advisor in order to be granted professional admission. 
  • Students not meeting the 3.0 GPA standard, or having grades below a C in the listed areas, will have their record reviewed by Department faculty for evidence of ability to succeed in AGEN.
  • Under special circumstances, the Department may elect to defer professional admission for an additional term.

The Department faculty may recommend provisional admission and specify deficiencies and performance criteria to transition out of provisional status. If a student has not met the admission criteria and has not, in the opinion of the Department faculty, demonstrated a minimum standard of good professional judgment in the pursuit of their academic program as expected of degreed engineers, they may be denied professional admission to the degree program. The student may appeal this decision to the BSE Department Head and then, if necessary, to the College of Engineering Curriculum and Academic Standards Committee.