BSE - COVID 19 Chase Hall and Splinter Laboratory

Information Regarding Chase Hall and Splinter Laboratory

BSE COVID-19 Mitigation Plan

BSE’s COVID-19 Mitigation Plan is posted on the second floor of Chase Hall and can also be found here. BSE’s COVID-19 Site Supervisor is Alan Boldt.

Common Areas/Shared Spaces in Chase Hall/Splinter Laboratory

Signs have been posted throughout all common use areas and classrooms in Chase Hall/Splinter Laboratory to direct traffic flow, maximum room capacity, social distancing and proper mask and hand washing procedures.

Cleaning, Disinfection, Facial Coverings

Custodial Services

Custodian will disinfect common areas twice daily, however, more frequent cleanings will need to be performed by those utilizing the space.

  • Please do your part and clean and sanitize your personal work and lab areas.
  • Disinfect and practice proper hygiene

Everyone must be responsible by cleaning and disinfecting their own spaces to ensure the health and safety of everyone. Disinfectant, disinfecting wipes and hand sanitizer have been placed in all common use areas and classrooms in Chase Hall and Splinter Laboratory.

  • Sanitizing stations have been placed at the south entrance, north entrance, and dock entrance to Chase Hall.
  • Hand sanitizer and disinfectant spray and/or wipes haves been placed in all classrooms, conference rooms, student spaces, breakrooms and general public space.
  • Hand-washing guidelines – hand washing with soap should be a consistent and common practice.
  • Maintain 6-ft distance.

Face coverings (cloth or disposable)

  • Face coverings must be worn at all times while on campus and in Chase Hall as well as the classrooms and graduate student spaces in Splinter Hall, unless the university exceptions are present.
  • If a university exception is present, a face shield must be worn. Contact Christel Burgason at the BSE Front Desk at to obtain a face shield or order from the UNL Marketplace.
  • Each department employee will receive fabric face coverings from UNL.
  • If additional face coverings are needed, contact any member of the Site Supervisory Team.

UNL Face Covering Policy
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