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Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


Christel Burgason 200 Chase Hall
Lincoln: East Campus

Christel Burgason

BSE Front Desk and Departmental point of contact for general support services
  • Distributes mail and assists with shipping needs.
  • Lead Building Maintenance Reporter: point of contact for copier maintenance, office cleaning/repair needs, breakroom malfunctions, classroom issues.
  • Key Coordinator/Building Access: maintain, order and check-out keys for Chase Hall, keycard access, assign visiting scholar and post-doc space.
  • Onboarding/offboarding (new hire/separation) point of contact.
  • Classroom support: copying, scanning, laminating, maintain departmental office supplies, assist with scheduling Chase 112, 116, 113, 148 for meetings.
  • Student support: assist students with conference/classroom reservations, support student clubs as needed, lost and found.
  • Supports the following BSE Committees: Social, Computer, Space & Facilities, Safety, Emeriti, Colloquium.
Sang Ho 220 Chase Hall
Lincoln: East Campus

Sang Ho

UGraduate Programs Specialist
  • Graduate Program Specialist: assistance with GRAs/GTAs funded by the department, policies, procedures, and forms for graduate students, graduate student desk assignments and keys/card access, grad student listserv, scholarships and fellowships, BSE Graduate Student Association staff advisor.
  • Website developer/maintenance for department, faculty, and associated center and lab sites.
  • Communications: maintaining and expanding BSE Communications.
  • Supports the following BSE Committees: Graduate, Awards, Communications.
Tracy Zimmerman 200 Chase Hall
Lincoln: East Campus

Tracy Zimmerman

Assistant to the Department Head/Office Supervisor

Assistant to the Department Head
  • Assist with the development and updating of department policies and procedures.
  • Manage the department head’s calendar.
  • Coordinate and schedule faculty meetings.
  • Coordinate and prepare documents for the Promotion and Tenure (P & T) process.
  • Coordinate the annual faculty evaluation process including Activity Insight and scheduling evaluations.
Office Supervisor
  • Supervise administrative support staff.
  • Assign faculty projects to staff.
  • Provide direction, guidance and support.