Aaron Mittelstet

Aaron Mittelstet, Ph.D.

Contact Information:
245 L.W. Chase Hall
Lincoln: East Campus
(402) 472-1427

Watershed Hydrologist, Assistant Professor, Robert B. Daugherty Water For Food Institute Fellow
Academic Degrees
  • Ph.D., Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, Oklahoma State University
  • M.S., Environmental Science, Oklahoma State University
  • B.S., Zoology, Oklahoma State University
  • 60% Research
  • 40% Teaching
Areas of Research and Professional Interest
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Surface/Ground Water Interaction
  • Water Quality
  • Streambank Erosion
Courses Taught

Honors and Awards

  • M.S. student Naisargi Dave won 1st Place at the 2017 Water for Food Conference Poster Contest
  • 2nd Place, Student Poster Contest, 23rd Annual Oklahoma Clean Lakes and Watersheds Association Conference, Stillwater, OK, 2014.
  • Outstanding Manuscript Reviewer Award, ASABE, 2013.
  • 3rd Place, Student Poster Contest,  OWRRI Oklahoma Water Research Symposium, Midwest City, OK, 2013.
  • 2nd place, Environmental Science Graduate Paper Presentation, OWRRI Oklahoma State Water Research Symposium, Stillwater, OK, 2011.
  • Jimmie Pigg Environmental Policy Research Assistantship, 2009.

Selected Publications


  1. Forsberg T.A., D.E. Radcliffe, C.H. Bolster, A.R. Mittelstet, D.E. Storm and D. Osmond. Evaluation of a quantitative phosphorus transport model for potential improvement of southern phosphorus indices. Journal of Environmental Quality. Accepted 1/3/17.
  2.  Mittelstet, A.R., D.E. Storm, G.A. Fox and P.M. Allen.  Modeling streambank erosion on composite streambanks on a watershed scale. Transactions of the ASABE. Accepted 1/3/17.
  3.  Bolster, C.H., T.A. Forsberg, A.R. Mittelstet, D.E. Radcliffe, D.E. Storm, J. Ramirez-Avila and D. Osmond. Comparing an annual and daily time step model for predicting field-scale phosphorus loss. Journal of Environmental Quality. Accepted 11/23/16.
  4. Mittelstet, A.R. and D.E. Storm, 2017. Testing of the modified streambank erosion and in-stream phosphorus routines for the SWAT model. Journal of the American Water Resource Association. 53(1): 101-114.
  5. Worthington, T., T. Zhang, S. Brewer, A.R. Mittelstet and D. Logue, 2016. Landscape and flow metrics affecting the distribution of a federally-threatened fish: Improving management, model fit, and model transferability.  Ecological Modeling. 342:1-18.
  6.  Agouridis, C.T., K.R. Douglas-Mankin, A.C. Linhoss and A.R. Mittelstet, 2016. Wetlands and coastal systems: protecting and restoring valuable ecosystems. Transactions of the ASABE. 59(5): 1299-1301.
  7.  Mittelstet, A.R. and D.E. Storm, 2016. Quantifying legacy phosphorus using a mass balance approach and uncertainty analysis.  Journal of the American Water Resource Association. 52(6):1297-1310.
  8.  Mittelstet, A.R., D.E. Storm and M.J. White, 2016. Using SWAT to enhance watershed-based plans to meet numeric water-quality standards. Sustainability of Water Quality and Ecology. 7:5-21.
  9.  Neupane, S., J.R. Vogel, D.E. Storm, B.J. Barfield and A.R. Mittelstet, 2015. Development of a turbidity prediction methodology for runoff-erosion models.  Water, Air and Soil Pollution.  226(12):1-14.
  10.  Mittelstet, A.R., D.E Storm and A. Stoecker, 2015. Using SWAT and an empirical relationship to simulate crop yields and salinity levels in the North Fork River Basin. International Journal of Agricultural and Biological Engineering. 8 (3): 110-123. 
  11.  Miller, R.B., D.M. Heeren, G.A. Fox, T. Halihan, D.E. Storm and A.R. Mittelstet, 2014. The hydraulic conductivity structure of gravel-dominated vadose zones within alluvial floodplains. Journal of Hydrology. 513: 229-240.
  12.  Heeren, D.M., G.A. Fox, A.K. Fox, D.E. Storm, R.B. Miller and A.R. Mittelstet, 2014. Divergence and flow direction as indicators of subsurface heterogeneity and stage-dependent storage in alluvial floodplains. Hydrological Process. 28(3):  1307-1317.
  13.  White, M.J., D.E. Storm, A.R. Mittelstet, P. Busteed, B. Haggard, and C. Rossi, 2014. Development and testing of an in-stream phosphorus cycling model for SWAT. Journal of Environmental Quality. 43(1): 215-223.
  14. Mittelstet, A.R., E.R. Daly, D.E. Storm, M.J. White, and G.A. Kloxin, 2012. Field scale modeling to estimate phosphorus and sediment load reductions using a newly developed graphical user interface for soil and water assessment tool. American Journal of Environmental Sciences: 8(6): 605-614.
  15. Heeren, D.M., A.R. Mittelstet, G.A. Fox, D.E. Storm, A.T. Al-Madhhachi, T.L. Midgley, A.F. Stringer, K.B. Stunkel, and R.B. Tejral, 2012. Using rapid geomorphic assessments to assess streambank stability in Oklahoma Ozark streams. Transactions of the ASABE. 55(3): 957-968.
  16. Mittelstet, A.R., D.M. Heeren, G.A. Fox, D.E. Storm, M.J. White, and R. B. Miller, 2011. Comparison of subsurface and surface runoff phosphorus. Agriculture, Ecosystems, and Environment. 141: 417-425.
  17. Fox, G.A., D.M. Heeren, R.B. Miller, A.R. Mittelstet, and D.E. Storm. 2011, Flow and transport experiments for a streambank seep originating from a preferential flow pathway. Journal of Hydrology. 403: 360-366.
  18. Heeren, D.M., G.A. Fox, R.B Miller, D.E. Storm, A.K Fox, C.J. Penn, T. Halihan, and A.R. Mittelstet, 2011.  Stage-dependent transient storage of phosphorus in alluvial floodplains.  Hydrological Processes.  25(20): 3230-3243.
  19. Mittelstet, A.R., M.D. Smolen, G.A. Fox, and D.A. Adams, 2011. Comparison of aquifer sustainability under groundwater administrations in Oklahoma and Texas. Journal of the American Water Resource Association.  47(2): 424-431.


Recent Presentations


  • “Application of Remote Sensing to Watershed Hydrologic/Water Quality Modeling,” 2014 Oklahoma Workshop on Remote Sensing Technology and Application, Norman, OK, November 12, 2014.
  • “Texas BMP Evaluation Tool,” Southern Region Water Conference, Athens, GA, September 14, 2011.