Santosh Pitla

Santosh Pitla, Ph.D.

Contact Information:
207 L. W. Chase Hall
Lincoln: East Campus
(402) 472-1466

Assistant Professor, Advanced Machinery Systems
Academic Degrees
  • Ph.D., Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering, University of Kentucky
  • M.S., Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India
  • 40% Research
  • 60% Teaching
Areas of Research and Professional Interest
  • Agricultural Robotics
  • Agricultural Equipment Logistics
  • Embedded Control Applications in Machine Automation
  • Unmanned Ground and Aerial Applications in Agriculture
Teaching Interests
  • Fluid Power Hydraulics
  • Embedded Control Systems 
  • Sensors and Controls for Agri-Industries
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Courses Taught
  • MSYM 416: Sensors and Controls for Agri-Industries
  • MSYM 412: Hydraulic Power Systems
  • MSYM 245: Fundamentals of Electricity
  • AGEN/BSEN 212B: Embedded Systems (mini session)
  • AGEN/MSYM 492: Embedded Systems in Agriculture

Selected Publications


J. H. Posselius, C. H. Foster, S.K. Pitla, S.A. Shearer, J.D. Luck, M.P. Sama, R. S. Zandonadi,  Multi-Robot System Control Architecture. Patent Number: 9,527,211 (Issued: Dec 27th, 2016)

Refereed Journal Articles

  • Forney, S. H., J.D. Luck, M. F. Kocher, and S.K. Pitla. 2017. Laboratory and full boom-based investigation of nozzle setup and restriction effects on flow, pressure, and spray pattern distribution. Applied. Eng. Agric. 33(5): 641-653
  • Roeber, J. BW, S.K. Pitla, R. M. Hoy, J. D. Luck, M. F. Kocher. 2017. Tractor power take-off torque measurement and data acquisition system. Applied. Eng. Agric. 33(5): 679-686
  • M.F. Kocher, B. J. Smith, R. M. Hoy, J. C. Woldstad, S. K. Pitla. 2017. Fuel Consumption Models For Tractor Test Reports. Trans. ASABE. 60(3): 693-701
  • S.L. Young, S.K. Pitla, F.K. Van Evert, F.J. Pierce, J.K. Schueller. 2017. Moving integrated weed management from low level to a truly integrated and highly specific weed management system using advanced technologies. Weed Research 57(1): 1-5
  • Pitla, S.K., J.D. Luck, J. Werner, N. Lin, and S.A Shearer. 2016. In-field fuel use and load states of agricultural field machinery. Computers Electronics Agric. 121: 290 - 300. 
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  • Luck, J.D., S.K. Pitla, M.P. Sama, and S.A. Shearer. 2015. Flow, spray pattern and droplet spectra characteristics of an electronically actuated variable-orifice nozzle. Trans. ASABE. 58(2) 261-269.
  • Ramarao, V., P.R. Thomison, C.K. Gabriel, M.A. Bennett, E.M. Grassbaugh, M.D. Kleinhenz, S.A. Shearer, and S.K. Pitla. 2014. Seed tape effects on corn emergence under greenhouse conditions. Crop Mgmt. 13(1).  
  • Luck, J.D., A. Sharda, S.K. Pitla, J.P. Fulton, and S.A. Shearer. 2011. A case study concerning the effects of controller response and turning movements on application rate uniformity with a self-propelled sprayer. Transactions of the ASABE. 54(2):423-431. 
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  • Pitla, S.K., L.G. Wells, and S.A. Shearer. 2009. Integration of an extended octagonal ring transducer and soil coulterometer for identifying soil compaction. Applied Engineering in Agriculture. 25(5): 647-652.
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