BSE - Prospective Students

The Department of Biological Systems Engineering has three distinct majors, each with unique emphasis areas.  Set yourself apart with a major that applies engineering principles to living systems! Biological Systems Engineering offers emphasis areas in Biomedical Engineering, Environmental and Water Resources Engineering, and Food and Bioprocess Engineering. Agricultural Engineering has emphasis areas in Machine Design Engineering, Soil and Water Resources Engineering, and Test Engineering. Mechanized Systems Management has option areas in Production, Technical, Processing Operations, and Business.

Graduate Programs

The Department of Biological Systems Engineering offers master’s and doctoral programs in engineering. Applications are accepted year-round. 

Research Opportunities

Students can gain valuable research experience through the help of UCARE, faculty members, or a summer research program at UNL. 

Biological Systems Engineering- Bring engineering to life—working with living systems and their environment in the areas of water, food, fuel, and medicine.
Agricultural Engineering- Apply engineering to agriculture- by designing machines, testing equipment, or conserving soil and water resources.
Engine Testing
Mechanized Systems Management- Manage machines, natural resources, people and assets for agriculture and associated commodity handling industries.

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