Building the 22nd Century Conference - K-12 Art and Design Competition Registration

K-12 Art and Design Competition Registration

The UNL College of Engineering invites Nebraska K-12 students to use their imaginations and envision the cities of the future.

This competition is part of the "Building the 22nd Century" Conference, to be held October 14-16, 2013 at the CenturyLink in Omaha and organized by the UNL College of Engineering, in collaboration with the College of Architecture. Please visit the conference website for more information and future updates:

Competition Description: Today’s students will face a future of serious concerns intermixed with technological progress, and they will have the opportunity to solve problems through the design of the built environment. With an expected global population of 15-20 billion and environmental issues in the 22nd century, extensive planning will be needed to predict and design the megacities of the future.

Through this competition, K-12 students will help answer the question: “What will 22nd century buildings, bridges, or cities look like?”

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