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Co-ops, or Cooperative Education, combines education with practical work for the ultimate student learning experience. Numerous co-ops are available for you as a Nebraska Engineering student. In Co-ops, you spend extended time away from campus exploring your career field of choice while receiving academic credit.

How are internships and co-ops different?

  • Internships are typically a semester-only (usually summer-only) experience, and if they are local, there is potential for the student to continue working part-time during the school year.
  • Co-ops require a semester or a semester and a summer away from campus on the job. Students maintain full-time student status while on co-op and resume their studies when they return to campus. Intern and co-op students may also be able to receive academic credit through their department.
Co-ops are excellent learning opportunities and job experiences. Participating in a Co-op requires some careful planning and paperwork, including enrolling as a visiting student at UNL to enroll in a co-op placeholder course. Meet with your Academic Advisor and Bonnie Martin, Career Services Coordinator, to determine if a co-op is right for you and to receive the appropriate paperwork.

Attend a Career Fair

Some co-op opportunities can be found at career fairs during the year. You can research the companies attending in advance and learn more by interacting with employers at the fair. Many of these interactions then lead to interviews, or sometimes you can submit an application prior to the career fair to schedule an interview in the days following the fair. You may search for these opportunities and submit applications through Husker Hire Link. 

View more information about Career Fairs here.

Husker Hire Link

Husker Hire Link through UNL Career Services provides you with searchable co-op postings. Employers post jobs, internships, and co-ops for every level on Husker Hire Link when they search for Nebraska Engineering students. It is best to begin your search for a co-op as early as possible in the school year.

Search for current engineering co-op opportunities on Husker Hire Link. You must have an active and complete Husker Hire Link profile to view details and apply.

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