CEE - Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

Ph.D. in Civil Engineering

The Civil and Environmental Engineering Department offers a Ph.D. degree in Civil Engineering on both City Campus in Lincoln and Scott Campus in Omaha. The typical path toward a doctoral degree is as follows:

  • You will be assigned an academic advisor based on your interests. Your advisor will be a member of the Department Graduate faculty and will serve as the chairperson of your doctoral supervisory committee. We will work with you to identify an academic advisor whose research matches your interests.
  • Pass the doctoral qualifying exam. The qualifying exam must generally be taken within the first 20 hours of graduate course work.
  • After passing the qualifying exam, choose your Supervisory Committee and submit the Appointment of the Supervisory Committee form to Graduate Studies.
  • Design a program of coursework with your Supervisory Committee. The Program of Studies for the Doctoral Degree should be submitted to Graduate Studies within the semester of the approval of your Supervisory Committee by Graduate Studies.
  • Pass the comprehensive exam, including a successful presentation of your dissertation proposal. This is done when coursework has been substantially completed.
  • Complete your research, write your dissertation, and defend it in an oral examination. Most Ph.D. students in civil engineering at the University of Nebraska should be able to finish their doctoral program in an average of approximately three to four years (beyond the M.S. degree).

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