CEID - Our Mission

Our Mission

Ready, Set...

A marathon has only one starting line.  Whether your goal is to win or finish, everyone starts in the same place.  Our instructional design process is no different.  
Our goal is your success.


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As instructional designers for the College of Engineering our roles are tied directly to one overarching theme - assist faculty members with the development of effective teaching and learning practices for the classroom.  To do this we dedicate our mission to:
  1. Effectively design, develop and teach face-to-face, hybrid and online courses
  2. Apply best practice research to support student-centered learning
  3. Engage in ongoing evidence-based improvements of methodology, pedagogy and learning applications
  4. Select "best use" technologies to meet instructional inquiry
  5. Provide instructional technology training
  6. Develop research based partnerships as a way to showcase expectional teaching
To accomplish our mission, the Center for Engineering Instructional Design (CEID) team will work diligently to foster a spirit of collaboration, provide a high level customer service experience and ensure your goals and expectations are met every step of the way.  Additionally, the CEID team will serve as advocates for college and university policies that further our mission.
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