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Bioseparations & Biomaterials Group

Bioseparations & Biomaterials Group
The ability to manipulate the strength and specificity of protein-binding or cell-substrate events provides a tremendous leverage for the development of novel biological products and processes at a molecular level. I am motivated by the desire to solve problems in biology and medicine, and the challenge to develop models and systems based on scientific and engineering principles as applied to biological systems. My broad interests include the areas of bioseparations, biomaterials and functional tissue engineering.

We are primarily interested in better understanding the role of matrix architecture and matrix mechanical properties on the biosynthetic activity and metabolic activities of chondrocytes that are seeded and maintained on such scaffolds. Another area of active research interest in my laboratory is in the area of bioreactors for the development of engineered tissues. We are developing bioreactors that use stimulation via ultrasonics that seek to induce cell growth and proliferation.

Additionally, we are also interested in understanding the cellular mechanisms under ultrasound stimulation. In the area of biomaterials, we are developing surface treatment strategies that passivate platelet responses to implanted biomaterials by selective protein adsorption and also developing surfaces that mimic the anticoagulant pathways found on native endothelial surfaces.