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Positions Available at UNL

Visit the Human Resources Employment website for a complete listing of faculty and staff career vacancies at UNL.

Student Jobs

On-Campus, Off-Campus and Work Study

When student positions are available in the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering they will be posted to the UNL Career Services On-Campus Student Jobs page and advertised on this page. Examples of departmental student positions include; lab assistant, office assistant, and teaching assistant. Additional on-campus and off-campus jobs for students are also advertised on the Varied Student Jobs - Off Campus page. Students may work a job outside of their major and may benefit from work experience in a complementary field such as biology, physics, math or chemistry.

Undergraduate Research (UCARE)

Students who wish to obtain undergraduate research experience are encouraged to pay close attention to the application process and deadlines of the UCARE Program. The Undergraduate Creative Activities and Research Experiences (UCARE) Program, funded by the Pepsi Endowment, creates intellectual partnerships between UNL faculty and undergraduates by providing funds for research. For more information, please go to the UCARE Program Description.

Graduate Assistanships

Doctor of Philosophy in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (PhD): Admitted PhD students are typically awarded a one (1) year assistantship.  The type of assistantship (research, teaching, or combined research/teaching) is determined by the funding source for the position, the student’s prior degree(s) and academic credentials, and the overall needs of the Department for the given term.  The majority of PhD students in our Department will perform a combination of teaching and research assistantship duties. Assistantships are renewable.

Master of Science in Chemical Engineering (MSChE): Admitted MS students are not guaranteed a graduate assistantship in the Department.  If no faculty support is offered, the student will be admitted to the program without funding.  Since funding decisions are made prior to the academic year, it is unlikely that an unfunded MS student will be offered an assistantship position during their first year in the Department.  However, MS students who excel in the classroom and demonstrate lab research proficiency may be extended an assistantship offer at a later date.

Students will be automatically considered for assistantship positions once they have completed all steps of the UNL Graduate Studies and GAMES applications. An employment application is not required.

Co-ops and Internships

Chemical engineering students are strongly encouraged to participate in multiple Co-op and internship experiences during their undergraduate program. UNL Career Services will work with you to find and apply for positions and to complete the paperwork necessary to maintain your full-time student status for scholarships and financial aid purposes.

Dr. Kevin Van Cott, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Co-op Advisor, is available to assist students with course planning to accommodate a Co-op experience. Contact Dr. Van Cott directly to schedule an advising appointment.

Lark Bear, Career Development Coordinator, serves as the Career Specialist for the College of Engineering. Her office is located in the Engineering Library W204 Nebraska Hall. Contact Ms. Bear directly to schedule an appointment for a resume or cover letter critque, or to learn more about Career Services and Husker Hire Link.

Student and Alumni Jobs: Employment After Graduation

UNL Career Services is a centralized, comprehensive career center for students, alumni, faculty, and employers. Through career counseling and career exploration services, students and alumni develop job-search and career decision-making skills and strategies. Working with academic colleges, Career Services offers students self-knowledge and employment options to prepare them for the workforce, professional or graduate school, or alternative employment.

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