CHME - Graduate Admission Review Process

Graduation Admission Review Process

Apply Now to the Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Program
  • The Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering Graduate Committee meets approximately two weeks after the published application deadline for the approaching term and performs a group review of all completed applications. For example, after the September 1st deadline, the Committee will arrange to meet for the first time approximately September 16.
  • If you submit your application early, it will not be reviewed until the Committee meets.
  • Dependent on the number of applications, the Committee may need to meet multiple times to finalize their decisions.
  • If your application is not complete by the deadline - including all letters of reference and official test scores received - it will not be reviewed in the initial group round. It is the Graduate Committee's discretion whether or not to review late applications. They may choose to:
    1. review your application at a later date
    2. defer the review of your application until the following term
    3. deny your application for the reason "Incomplete application by the published deadline." It is important that you complete your application by the deadline.
  • You will know that the review has been completed and informed of the admission decision in the following ways:
    1. You will be sent an email by the Department informing you of the admission decision.
    2. The Office of Graduate Studies will send you a Certificate of Admission or a letter of denial.
    3. If you are admitted and awarded funding in the form of a fellowship, graduate teaching assistantship, or graduate research fellowship, the Department will send you a formal letter of offer outlining the details of your award. You will be required to respond to this offer by the date published in the letter.
  • The entire review process takes approximately 6 weeks.. For example, applicants who submit materials by the September 1st deadline will be notified no later than October 15.