CHME - UOL - Air Tanks and Water Tanks

Air Tanks and Water Tanks

Equipment Specifications

  • 3 interacting air tanks in series and 3 water tanks that may be operated in an interacting or non-interacting manner.
  • Influent air and water are controlled by a Fisher® control valve.
  • Pressures and levels are monitored by Rosemount® pressure transmitters.
  • Equipment is operated using the DeltaV™ DCS.
  • Alarms and interlocks are present for process safety. 

Possible Experimental Objectives

  • Use of 1, 2, or 3 tanks with goal of modeling pressure or level.
  • Control of any tank pressure or level using feedback, cascade, feedforward, or deadtime compensation control schemes.
  • Semi-batch filling or draining of a tank or series of tanks.
Air Tanks
Water Tanks